Nursing Program 护理课程

Alere International Nurse Placement Program

Please see attached file for details: College Catalog (Chinese)

Placement Services Nurse Placement (ELTIN)

Nursing1Alere International provides services which assist in training and placing qualified international nurses. Alere works closely with California Preparatory College to recruit international nurses for the ELTIN program held on the CPC campus (please see the CPC website for additional ELTIN information). This program gives international nurses the language skills they need to work in the western healthcare system Alere also contracts with CPC and many hospitals to place the trained nurses into work experience in several cities throughout the USA. Nurses in the program can expect to have placement in one of dozens of facilities. Alere International also works as the personal advocate for nurses in assisting them with housing and other life needs during their CPC stay and transitioning to the work experience.

Alere has several international partners who recruit and assist nurses for this program. To protect our current partners we may limit new relationships in a few countries. However, we welcome contact from all new potential international partners.

It is the goal of Alere to place only highly qualified nurses to the work experience program at our contracted hospitals, It is also the goal of Alere to provide a very pleasant, fully managed transition first to CPC and then to the work experience.

Please visit for more information.

Nurse Placement (ELTIN) Info

The ELTIN Program accepts nurses with different levels of English skills. The program length vanes between 9-18 months depending on the student’s language level. The average completion time for a student with intermediate English skills will be approximately 9 months. Students will be assessed at the beginning of the program to determine their language level within the program students can expect the following.

  • Program completion within 9-18 months
  • Quarter system (3 month sessions plus break)
  • 20 hours of instruction per week
  • Hiring assistance for work experience
  • Nurse preparation and ESL classes

English Levels

Applicants can join 3 tracks: Intermediate. Advanced, and Focused, depending on English language assessment. See ‘Program Progression” link on web tor more details at

Admission Requirements

The admissions process for the ELTIN program is rigorous and students wishing to enter the program must meet several criteria.

  • Applicants must be licensed in their home country
  • The course of study in the applicant’s home country must fulfill California state nursing requirements
  • Applicants must undergo a background check to prove that there are no prior convictions or disciplinary actions against them in their home country
  • Applicants should have one to two years at previous nursing experience in their home country
  • Applicants must take the ATI nursing test in their home country
  • Applicants must be in good health with no communicable diseases
  • Applicants must undergo a health examination in the United States

Application Deadlines

Applications must be received by the admissions office no less than 30 days before the start of the term.


Classes will be held at California Preparatory College in Redlands. California. In addition. many Southern California hospitals will be available for work experience and labs.


An I-20 form certifying student eligibility is required to obtain a student visa (F-1). which can be obtained at the nearest U.S. consulate. Processing times vary from 9 business days to several weeks for 1-20 forms to be returned to the student, depending on mail delivery times.


Upon successful completion often program, a certificate will be awarded by CPC.

Nurse Advising and Counseling

Life Counselors are available to each student to offer personal assistance in all aspects of their career and academic goals. Life Counselors can offer course counseling as well as help with completing forms, meeting procedure, coordinating roommates, interacting with student finance or admissions, or simply staying on top of class work.

Please visit to view curriculum for nurses. Curriculum is divided into three different curriculum groups.

  • Intermediate ELTIN
  • Advanced ELTIN
  • Focused ELTIN

Nursing2The ELTIN programs designed for nurses outside of the U.S. who are looking for a career in English speaking nursing positions. This program focuses on the development of English skills, while also helping students to stay on track with continued classes in their field. Within this program students will become familiar with:

  • Western medicine practices and procedures
  • Patient interaction within a health care selling
  • Career and language skills that provide you with job opportunities
  • Cultural interaction and work experience

Nurse (ELTIN) Housing Info


Housing for some ELTIN students will be in an apartment within 5-20 minute bus ride of CPC. There are 3 different complexes available. Some students will be offered housing in attractive houses in a safe neighborhoods.

Furnishings generally provided to ELTIN students:

  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • 2 bunk beds (or one bed per person)
  • Kitchen dish set
  • Pot/pan
  • Shower curtain
  • One dresser for 2 people
  • Phone (students pay for service)
  • T.V. (students pay for service)
  • Couch

Nurse (ELTIN) Required Documents

Required Documents for Acceptance into Program

The following documents are needed to process an I-20 form in order to obtain a Student Visa.

  • Completed California Preparatory College Application
  • Completed Oak League Education Application
  • Oak League Financial Guarantee Form (This does not reflect the CPC tuition cost)
  • Bank statement (personal or sponsor’s) with a minimum of $22,000 in funds
  • Copy of Passport
  • School transcripts from transferring institution (medical insurance can be obtained through CPC)

Transfer Student within the United Slates:

  • Copy of 1-20 from current school
  • Copy of F1-Visa

Please send all Required Documents to:

California Preparatory College
Admissions and Records
1826 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374

Placement of highly qualified international personnel with a degree in nursing from the individual’s country. International personnel will take English language and nursing affiliated courses from California Preparatory College’s “English Language Training for Internahonal Nurses (ELTIN)” program. Upon completion of CPC’s ELTIN program, Alere International will assist nurses to find a position in a local hospital.